jupyterlab and pyspark2 integration in 1 minute

As we use CDH 5.14.0 on our hadoop cluster, the highest spark version to be support is 2.1.3, so this blog is to record the procedure of how I install pyspark-2.1.3 and integrate it with jupyter-lab.

spark 2.1.3
CDH 5.14.0 – hive 1.1.0
Anaconda3 – python 3.6.8

  1. Add export to spark-env.sh
    export PYSPARK_PYTHON=/opt/anaconda3/bin/python
    export PYSPARK_DRIVER_PYTHON=/opt/anaconda3/bin/jupyter-lab
    export PYSPARK_DRIVER_PYTHON_OPTS='  --ip= --port=8890'
  2. install sparkmagic
    pip install sparkmagic
  3. Use conda or pip command to downgrade ipykernel to 4.9.0, cause ipykernel 5.x doesn’t support sparkmagic, it will throw a Future exception.
  4. /opt/spark-2.1.3/bin/pyspark –master yarn

If you need to run with backgrand , use nohup.

if nessasery, add a kernel json at /usr/share/jupyter/kernels/pyspark2 or /usr/local/share/jupyter/kernels/pyspark2, with the content as
"argv": [
"display_name": "Python3.6+PySpark2.1",
"language": "python",
"env": {
"PYSPARK_PYTHON": "/opt/anaconda3/bin/python",
"SPARK_HOME": "/opt/spark-2.1.3-bin-hadoop2.6",
"HADOOP_CONF_DIR": "/etc/hadoop/conf",
"HADOOP_CLIENT_OPTS": "-Xmx2147483648 -XX:MaxPermSize=512M -Djava.net.preferIPv4Stack=true",
"PYTHONPATH": "/opt/spark-2.1.3-bin-hadoop2.6/python/lib/py4j-0.10.7-src.zip:/opt/spark-2.1.3-bin-hadoop2.6/python/",
"PYTHONSTARTUP": "/opt/spark-2.1.3-bin-hadoop2.6/python/pyspark/shell.py",
"PYSPARK_SUBMIT_ARGS": " --jars /opt/spark-2.1.3-bin-hadoop2.6/jars/greenplum-spark_2.11-1.6.2.jar --master yarn --deploy-mode client --name JuPysparkHub pyspark-shell",
"JAVA_HOME": "/opt/jdk1.8.0_141"

Another problem, in pyspark, sqlContext cannot access remote hivemetastore and without any exceptions, when i run show databases in pyspark, it always return me default. And then i found out, in spark2’s jars dir, there was a hive-exec-1.1.0-cdh5.14.0.jar, delete this jar file, everythings ok.

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Spark read LZO file error in Zeppelin

Due to our dear stingy Party A  said they will add not any nodes to the cluster, so we must compress the data to reduce disk consumption. Actually  I like LZ4, it’s natively supported by hadoop, and the compress/decompress speed is good enough,  compress ratio is better than LZO. But, I must choose LZO finally, no reason.

Well, since we use Cloudera Manager to  install Hadoop and Spark, so it’s no error when read lzo file in command line, simply use as text file, Ex:

val data = sc.textFile("/user/dmp/miaozhen/ott/MZN_OTT_20170101131042_0000_ott.lzo")

But in zeppelin, it will told me: native-lzo library not available, WTF?

Well, Zeppelin is a self-run environment, it will read its configuration only, do not read any other configs, Ex: it will not try to read /etc/spark/conf/spark-defaults.conf . So I must wrote all spark config such as you wrote them in spark-deafults.conf.

In our cluster, the Zeppelin conf looks like this:

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