Due to our dear stingy Party A  said they will add not any nodes to the cluster, so we must compress the data to reduce disk consumption. Actually  I like LZ4, it’s natively supported by hadoop, and the compress/decompress speed is good enough,  compress ratio is better than LZO. But, I must choose LZO finally, no reason.

Well, since we use Cloudera Manager to  install Hadoop and Spark, so it’s no error when read lzo file in command line, simply use as text file, Ex:

val data = sc.textFile("/user/dmp/miaozhen/ott/MZN_OTT_20170101131042_0000_ott.lzo")

But in zeppelin, it will told me: native-lzo library not available, WTF?

Well, Zeppelin is a self-run environment, it will read its configuration only, do not read any other configs, Ex: it will not try to read /etc/spark/conf/spark-defaults.conf . So I must wrote all spark config such as you wrote them in spark-deafults.conf.

In our cluster, the Zeppelin conf looks like this:



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