DS means Data Scientist? NO!

These “Data Scientist” in our dear first party, can hold all my jokes of this year. (Update at any time)

  1. DS: Why my spark job takes so much time?
    Me: ?
    Me: No, It’s a resident YARN container, not your spark job!
  2. DS: Why my spark job report error?
    Me: Give me your code and the screenshot.
    Me: No, You should not stop spark context before you run spark, I mean You shoud not ask someone to answer your question after you murdered him!
  3. DS: Why I can’t login SSO system?
    (SSO built on their system, using OAuth2, Username and Password authenticates were all on their servers, I only took the authorization code and userinfo after they logged in).
    Me: It’s not my business, please contact your server admin if you ensure about username and password are all correctly.
    DS: I don’t care, you should solve this problem.
    Me: Sorry ma’m, I can’t fix your company’s servers.
    DS: I don’t care, you must fix it.
    Me: Alright, please give me the root password of your SSO server.
    DS: I don’t know about what are you talking about, you should fix it.
    Another DS: Hey, It’s not their problem, you should contact our infosec team.
    DS: Ohch
  4. Me: You‘ve written such beautiful PigLatinic Python.
    DS: Thank you, I thought so.DS means “Data Scienist”? No I call them “Definitively Stupid”